Free video subtitling

Content Marketing: How to subtitle your videos quickly and for free… If you handle marketing campaigns across various countries, content localization is critical, when the asset is relevant for your audience. You can access the English Proficiency Index by country here.  This is a good place to start – to see if a campaign will […]

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Webinar video file processing

How to record and post your webinars on YouTube using WebEx Event Center in 5 simple steps? A few months ago, I had to organize some live webinars and I wanted to extend the lifetime value of this high quality content. Webinars are great to educate your audience when you sell products or solutions that […]

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Boost your social media audience

Do you want to boost your presence on social networks? Whether you are in marketing, sales or consulting, a freelancer or a blogger, being in touch with your prospects and partners on social networks is key to building trust, retention and ultimately more revenue. You already know your “typical buyer”, you know the trends in your market and it is time for you to develop a quality audience in order to establish your social selling plan.

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